Okay i’ll try to explain how the config works with CCcam.

To add a user you have to put a F line in the config :
F: user password 3 1 0 { 0:0:5 }

user gets all our cards at max distance(hops) of 3

He has the right to use our emu keys 1, no rights to emu keys change into 0

He has NO AU rights 0, right for AU change into 1

Furthermore he has the right to reshare all our cards 4 more times { 0:0:5 }
When number is here { 0:0:1 } he can only watch himself and he has no reshare rights.

NEVER GO ABOVE NUMBER 5!! because the distance is to far then. ( like GBOX { 5 5 })

You can set portnumber by changing this rule :

SERVER LISTEN PORT: number you want.

To connect to a CCcam server you have to add a C line:

C: ip/dyndns_server port user password yes

The yes on the end says you want to use your rights for emu keys

To connect to a newcamd server you have to add A N line:

N: ip/dyndns port user password deskey hops_away

To connect to a radegast server you need to add a R line:

R: IP/dyndns port CAID(4digits) providerID(6digits) hops_away

To connect to a Camd3 server you have to add a L line:

L: IP/dyndns port CAID(4digits) providerID(6digits) hops_away

These are the basics of the config for CCcam.

Expert setup follows

OK here we go, the above settings are the basics now we go further.

With a Cccam server you are always in controll
You decide how much your friend is going to see and how far he can reshare it

F: user password 0 0 0 { 0:0:1 }

Says that user gets only our local cards:0 and he only can watch it himself he has no reshare rights.
When changing the zero into 1 user gets our local cards and all vitual cards at a max distance of 1 hop.
If number is 2 then a max distance of 2 hops etc.
Don’t exceed number 5 because the distance is then too far away for stable picture

In case U have 2 local cards and U only want that user get to see 1 u can do this excample:

Card 1 = provider CDS 0100 00006A
Card 2 = provider Premiere 1702 000000

Now you want that user only gets to see your CDS card and not the premiere card do the following

F: user password 3 1 0 { 0:0:5, 0100 00006A:1, 1702:0:0 }

This user gets all cards at maximum distance of 3 hops except 1702 because he has no rights to it :0.
He gets to reshare all our cards(local and virual) 4 times except for provider 0100 0006A because of :1.
Say you want the user to have the right to reshare 0100 0006A 2 times further then change the :1 into 3

So you see U decide what your friend(s) are entitled to see and how many rights they get, wants your card is set to reshare level 3 nobody but yourself can change that.

In the latest versions of CCcam it’s possible to control your hops you are receiving from your peers.
Thats realy a good option now you are in control how many shares online you have.

Heavy testing for me said that 2500 shares online is maximum.

To control receiving hops just add { 0:0:x } at the end of the C line, where x is the number of hops you want to receive.

So: C: dyndnds port user passwd no { 0:0:2 } only gives me shares from that peer with max count of 2.

Important: If you dont use yes/no behind the C lines add them or:

( { 0:0:2 } ) make it like this otherwise it won’t work

# stealthy login on newcamd server:
# N: 10000 dummy dummy 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 1 1
# stealth modes: 0 = disabled, 1 = mgcamd new, 2 = mgcamd old, 3 = evocamd, 4 = generic

What does it mean?
myself and my friend are both sharing our cards using newcamd emu…

My question is: if i use my newcamd user name and passowrd for my bedroom DM500 receiver simultaneously with my Parlor DM500 receiver the picture start breaking and i have to stop one of the receivers…

That is why i thought of using CCCam stealth mode…
will it sort out my problem?
Is it possible for my friend to discover that i am using CCCam and stealth mode?

In case it is possible, i did not see any newcamd stealth mode:
# stealth modes: 0 = disabled, 1 = mgcamd new, 2 = mgcamd old, 3 = evocamd, 4 = generic

Any help would be appreciated

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